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Cavy Showmanship

Great Scott’s 4-H Rabbit & Cavy Club

Cavy showmanship is a series of steps young handlers can use to evaluate the health and soundness of their own animals, animals at a show, or animals they may be thinking of purchasing. In Great Scott’s, we take pride in our ability to handle and evaluate our animals properly. Listed below are the steps we follow for cavy showmanship. Please follow along in our demonstration to get an idea of what each step involves.

  • Carry your cavy to the table

  • Pose the cavy

  • Sex and vent disease

  • Toe nails

  • Tooth defects

  • Fur condition

  • Front view

  • Rear view

  • Side view

  • Carry your cavy from the table

There are a few things you can do to make sure your experience with your cavy is safe and fun:

  • Always make sure your practice on a study table with a non slip rug

  • Tie long hair back and never wear dangling jewelry

  • Wear a show coat or long sleeve shirt to protect your arms

  • No buttons, pins, etc on your practice outfit

  • Keep your cavy’s nails well trimmed

  • Practice as much as you can—practice makes perfect

  • Any cavy can participate—regardless of age, breed, or DQ

If you have any questions, please contact either of the following:

Show Chairperson: Fred Gardner 857-204-3501

Assistant show chair: Alison Turpel 978-471-9517

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